Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nexus 7 2 2013

Received the Nexus 7 2013 today, a few days early. Lots of posts already on this device so I'll try to be unique in this piece. Check out the first part of the 7/24/13 Google breakfast meeting for specific unique features and specifications. (After that YouTube streaming meeting I purchased Chromecast, probably the first one on Play Store. Will blog about that after it arrives.)

Upon start up a new version of the Android operating system needed to load and reboot. All my apps loaded automatically, quite nice. Settings still have to be input for the new device, and activation of the software agreements need to be approved.

Like the added functionality of the new 4.3 operating version. Yes, vivid graphics. Netflix and sample Google TV is excellent. Can't  wait till I get a Slimport to convert the micro usb to hdmi 1080p video output. Haven't seen anyone mention the sphere photo function very cool to take many pictures and the device paste them into a spheral VR world.

The battery charging shows the temperature of the battery, that's pretty unique.  It also shows a running tab of the millivolt (mV) status (which is wrong). While this should probably be milliwat-hour to show energy stored, it is still unique. Charging overnight seems to have stopped around 74%; will update this blog on subsequent energy related items like the advertised wireless charging. Should be nice to dock this tablet, wirelessly charge and output HD video while using a wireless keyboard. There are no docking pads on the side of the tablet.

The sound quality from the speakers is excellent for such a small device, but not as high a quality as the hype. Headphones provide excellent sound from my discs stored at highest quality MP3 available on Play Music.

One short coming, the USB port is a little weak. While charging it seems to loosen out and needed to be readjusted. This shouldn't happen on a brand new device. Also the orange charging light doesn't seem to work correctly.

Seems there's a little bloatware from Google like Play Magazines that can't be deleted in the settings. Also comes with YouTube Remote. I've used this function before but not as an app; seems like nice functionality which will complement Chromecast.

This sentence is using the speech to text function all composed in one continuous sentence seems to work quite nicely. Punctuation is a little difficult you have to go back and edit after speech to text.

Bestplace to find specs and updates is the Google support page for Nexus 7.

It is a nice tablet which will find many new functions in the coming weeks.

Written on the Nexus 7 2013 on July 25th 2013.

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